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Samfans has always enjoyed and supported fundraising to help rescue operations. Many rescue operations depend on the money raised through fundraisers on Samfans, and for some, it is the only outside money they receive.

The people who raise money to be donated to rescue have always done a wonderful job raising, distributing and accounting for the money they have raised. However, Samfans is no longer a small group of people who all know each other.

In order to prevent some of the problems seen on other email lists, Samfans administration has set some rules for fundraising on Samfans. This is an attempt to prevent problems from occurring in the future. 

It is the responsibility of those holding fundraisers to ensure that all federal, state and local laws are being followed, and the administration of Samfans is not to be held responsible or liable for ensuring they are. It is not possible for the administration to police fundraising in that manner.

Fundraising is limited to efforts benefiting dog rescue operations and the Samoyed Health Foundation, and is expected to directly benefit Samoyeds whether or not there is more than one breed being helped by a rescue operation. Fundraisers to benefit individual dogs, or privately owned dogs, are not appropriate for Samfans.

There is no official Samfans list of "approved" rescue operations, nor will there be one. Fundraisers may ask the Samfans administrator to suggest sources of contact information for rescue operations. We do not have good sources for non-US Samoyed rescue operations, (but we would very much like to.) 

All groups doing fundraising will be cleared with the Samfans Administrator before they begin making announcements or sending "newsletters" or any other kind of "update" to Samfans. This is in addition to announcing a fundraiser. The group itself will be cleared. Approval of or by any other group or association is not transferable. Each group must be cleared seperately. 

It is the fundraising group's responsibility to make any decisions as to which rescue individuals or groups should benefit. These decisions should be based on standards decided before the start of the fundraising event. Standards are strictly up to the individual fundraising group, and a standard such as "all US rescues that have a contact person subscribed to Samfans" are sufficient. Fundraising groups are not expected to duplicate each other's lists. 

All fundraising efforts will be cleared with the administrator of Samfans at least 10 days before they are first announced on Samfans. The administrator will clarify the rules if necessary, and will help make sure all the information is included in announcements to Samfans. There may be more than one fundraising effort approved to run during the same time period at the discretion of the administrator.

Fundraisers are to contact the rescue operations they intend to benefit at least 10 days before the first announcement on Samfans, to be sure the operation is still doing rescue, and needs, wants, can accept, and will accept, the funds that are to be raised. 

Short Term Fundraisers
All short term fundraising efforts are to send the list of rescues that will benefit, and the standards used to choose them, to Samfans when announcing the effort, at least 7 days before they begin collecting money. This is considered the first announcement. There will also be an estimate of any costs that will need to be covered from any money raised included. This is to be an accurate estimate. If there are additional operations added to the list, then the 7 day period restarts at the time the additions are announced on Samfans.

That makes a total of a minimum of 17 days - 10 to contact the administrator and the rescues, and 7 between the official first announcement and beginning to collect money. There haven't been any "spur of the moment" fundraisers on Samfans recently, but should the situation ever come up, the administration will decide what to do on a case by case basis. 

All short term fundraisers are to set a specific end date for their effort at the time the effort is announced to Samfans, and are to distribute funds to the rescue operations within 4 weeks of the announced end date.

There may be funds pledged, but uncollected at that time, but the main bulk of the donations is to be distributed within that time. (That means the checks to the rescue operations should be postmarked no later than 4 weeks from the end date.)  Any rescue operations unable to accept the funds when distributed are to return them to the fundraisers for redistribution to the other rescue operations on the list. 

There will be an accounting made to Samfans at the time of the distribution, of how much was raised, and how much was sent to each rescue operation, and any additional costs incurred. Any additional distributions will be reported as soon as they are made. Fundraisers will also report to Samfans on a weekly basis, on the amounts collected during the effort. 

Long Term or On-Going Fundraisers 
There are ongoing fundraising efforts that cannot set a specific end date. They are to report to Samfans every four weeks as to money collected and disbursed, and announce on Samfans immediately if there are any changes in the recipient list. If changes are made in  the rules under which disbursements will be made, a final copy of the new rules must be cleared with the Samfans administration at least 10 days before being announced on the Samfans List, and the new rules must be announced on the Samfans List at least a month (or 30 days if it's February ) before such changes take effect, so rescuers have an opportunity to assess the effect the changes will have on them and secure other sources of funding if necessary and  no dogs are left without needed funding. 

All Fundraisers
Fundraisers may (and are encouraged to) announce they will be holding a fundraiser on Samfans more than 7 days before beginning to collect money and may ask for additions to their list of beneficiaries, but must clear the effort with the administration before any announcements.

Fundraisers will have a list available by email of contact information for the rescues benefiting from their effort during the 7 day period before they begin to collect money and during the entire fundraising effort. (The name and address the check will be sent to is sufficient.) This list is not to be sent over Samfans, but is to be sent to people who want to check where money they donate is going. Any rescue that does not want contact information sent out to strangers will have that noted on the contact list. 

Contact information is also to be made available in the same manner for the fundraising group. 

The Samfans administration will not be "approving" or "endorsing" any rescue or fundraiser in any way. Their only involvement will be deciding if the fundraiser will be able to use the list resources to raise funds.. It is up to each individual intending to make a donation to check out the rescue operations to their own satisfaction. Part of the purpose of these rules is to give individuals the opportunity to do that themselves. Please remember these are not large non-profit corporations and cannot give you the same kind of information. Tax questions should be referred to your accountant. 

Posting disagreements and concerns to Samfans is insulting to the fundraisers and rescue operations, and should be kept to direct email. If an individual does not approve of a particular rescue operation or fundraising effort, they should not donate. If anyone feels there is something of general concern, contact the administrator of Samfans before posting it. If there is a problem contacting the persons conducting the fundraiser or questions that have not been answered, the administrator of Samfans is to be contacted and will ask the fundraisers for clarification. 

Most of the fundraising efforts on Samfans in the past have set these same rules for themselves and have followed them. We don't believe these rules will make fundraising more difficult on Samfans, and that is not the intention. 

It is strictly up to the administration to decide if and how a particular rule applies in a particular case. If any fundraising group, rescue, or prospective donor has concerns or questions about these rules, they should contact the owner for help.

Sidney Boardman 
Samfans List Owner

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