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Send pictures to be posted to as an attachment to email. Please send them one attachment per email as a jpg or gif file. They should be sized to be 350 pixels wide.
Pictures will stay up a week or two, depending on how many there are. The refrigerator door is for Samfans subscribers without their own web site to post pictures to the rest of the list.
If you have more than one or two photos, please send them to Sasha's World, or Ron Manor.

All photos are, of course, copyrighted by the original photographers and may not to be reproduced without specific, individual, permission.

My name is Sasha, Princess of Joy. I am currently attending Puppy Kindergarten. When I grow up I hope to become a therapy dog. My birth parents are Gem-Marís Colonel Jarvis and Gem-Marís O My Jackee O. I was born on November 24, 2004. When there are no strangers for me to meet my favorite thing to do is to bat ice cubes around the living room. Every Thursday night my adopted parents take me to Yappy Hour at the dog bakery where I am in heaven meeting new dogs and people. ( Posted April 19, 2005
Introducing Hawkwind's Sonny Blue Onyx
Born December 8, 2004
adopted by Jean, Bob and Frankie Ungar February 5, 2005
currently attending Puppy Kindergarten
( Posted April 15, 2005
Nikki Blanca Bear ††† Dec 24, 1993 - April 12, 2005. ( Posted April 13, 2005
Winston in "his spot" in the back yard. ( Posted April 11, 2005
Toad {Charok's Wild Ride} 6 months old Seaview's Elim WSX X Charok's Mint Condition WSX. ( Posted February 21, 2005
This a a picture of Yukon and Isis at Christmas. ( Posted February 9, 2005
A picture of me (Anastasia) and my daughter Chanuq. This girl is the one my pack leader wanted to keep. She is number 6 from the litter of 8 I had last January. ( Posted February 2, 2005
Kazia on her 4th birthday. ( Posted January 26, 2005
Human kids and furkids attempting this year's christmas photo. Dogs L-R-Thor (misbehaving), Bjorn (our old coot), Aurora (our glamour girl), and Finnegan (her son, our home grown guy). ( Posted January 15, 2005
This is my Samoyed, Kodi. He's a big Chiefs fan and likes to watch the games with me in his Tony Gonzalez jersey! What a goofball! ( Posted December 17, 2004
Koko (on the left, Northern Illinois Samoyed rescue) and Laska, on the right, staying cool in the dog "cave" we built for their outdoor pleasure. Boulders on the sides and heavy wire mesh on top with honeysuckle covering. They already own the house! From Laurel, Laska (it's mine because I'm the girl!) and Koko (just give me the remote control and a pizza and I'm happy.) ( Posted December 17, 2004

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